2024 dates: JULY 20&21

Team Fee: $1500 includes $500 non-refundable deposit

10U Team Fee: $700.00, deposit $250

Balance payments due 6/1

5 Game Guarantee

Games will start as early as 2:00pm on Friday 7/21 and end as late as 4:00pm on Sunday 7/23


Girls High School

  • HS Open Gold (Highest skill or older team, 2023’s ARE allowed)
  • HS Open Silver (Intermediate skill, NO 2023’s allowed)
  • HS Mixed Bronze (Lowest skill or younger team, NO 2023’s allowed)

Girls Youth

  • 14U
  • 12U
  • 10U ($250 deposit, as we get interest and have determined game play we will finalize game guarantee and team fee)

Teams will play two 24 minute running clock halves with a 3 minute half time.

  • Clock will not stop at any time during a game
  • No Time Outs are allowed

We follow the USL Age & Eligibility Guidelines

*In the case of cancellations due to inclement weather, no refunds will be given!

2022 Breakdown:

57 teams, 25 clubs from 9 states, 4 divisions, tornado’s, torrential downpours and severe storms

2021 Breakdown:

64 teams, 26 clubs from 9 states, 4 divisions, 160 games played over 3 days on 10 fields

52 total college coaches

2019 Breakdown:

86 teams from 11 states, 7 divisions, 215 games played over 3 days on 12 fields

80 total college coaches

Team Fee: $1500 includes $500 non-refundable deposit

10U Team Fee: $700.00, deposit $250

Balance payments due 6/1

  • 2023 Details and Information:
    • Teams will play 5 games minimum over the weekend
    • Games will begin as early as 2pm on Friday 7/21 and end as late as 4pm on Sunday 7/23
    • Games will include pool play and seeded play (some divisions will have multiple rounds or just 1 seeded match up)
    • For HS teams, best efforts will be made for a showcase format on 7/21 & 7/22 with bracket play on 7/23 *in some cases bracket play will begin on 7/22.
    • The game schedule will be out a minimum of 2 weeks before the event and will be released on Tourney Machine
    • This is a “Stay to Play” event, please review the hotel information page
    • Team camps are only allowed in designated areas and are prohibited in high traffic locations between game fields.
    • No charge for parking
    • There will be a vendor village with a variety of vendors and items


Showdown Hotel List

We are excited to have a film vendor for this year! Check out their information, packages, and more here!

There will be a photographer on site all weekend taking pictures throughout the tournament. The photos will be available for purchase below:

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  • Registrations:,
  • Hotels:


Divisions offered and More

Questions? Please contact
Divisions Offered:
  • Girls High School
  • Girls Youth
More Information
  • This tournament is a stay to play
  • Games will be played Friday (as early as 2pm), Saturday and Sunday (as late as 4pm)
  • Check out updated list of college coaches (updated daily beginning 2 weeks from event start)
  • Game film packages are available for purchase and will be provided to any registered college coaches post-event
  • Questions? Email